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Manufacturing and Testing of HDPE Pipes and Fittings
Manufacturing and Testing of HDPE Pipes and Fittings

The manufacturing and testing workshop for our HDPE pipes and fittings is laid out in a systematic and scientific manner, and outfitted with 32 standard HDPE pipe production lines and an advanced plastic pressure pipe production line imported from Germany to ensure a timely and quality completion of all customer orders. Each production line is designed to include a centralized monitoring system, INOEX gravimetric system, WALTHMACH thickness measuring system, MOTAN drying machine, a laser marking machine and other advanced equipment to ensure the production process runs smoothly and efficiently. Today, our production capacity reaches 150,000 tons of PE pipes each year. Each HDPE pipes is required to undergo extensive testing, including online testing, tensile testing , RCP testing, hydrostatic testing and a number of other tests in order to guarantee the final product meets our high quality standards.

Our HDPE pipe fitting production workshop is equipped with 18 advanced injection molding machines, one of which is the largest injection molding machine in the Asia-Pacific region and is able to perform injection molding on large diameter pipe fittings in a single run. It is here we use an air tight centralized feed system to ensure raw materials are well protected from any pollution. A few of these injection molding machines are equipped with robotic manipulators to install molds in an easy and convenient manner. We currently use more than 3,000 sets of molds to manufacture over 3,000 varieties of PE pipe fittings. For quality control, all electrofusion, fittings must undergo electrical resistance testing, and only the qualified products will be allowed to be packaged. In addition, we conduct a warehouse management system, which helps us assist our customers in choosing, packing, and delivering products to them in a faster, more efficient manner with less errors.

The raw material used for our plastic pressure pipe is high quality polyethylene. It comes from internationally known companies, including TOTAL, Borealis, Borouge, and more, ensuring the extended service life of our complete product line. The quality control system for our raw materials is extensive: raw materials are first sent to our in-house research and testing center. It is there we test the moisture content of all PE raw materials in our laboratory. A second laboratory is available for both melt flow rate (MFR) testing, and oxidative induction testing (OIT) on all our raw materials.

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