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The manufacturing and testing workshop for our HDPE pipes and fittings is laid out in a systematic and scientific manner, and outfitted with 32 standard HDPE pipe production lines and an advanced plastic pressure pipe production line imported from Germany to ensure a timely and quality completion of all customer orders.

At Cangzhou Mingzhu, we operate a self-contained non-pressure pipe manufacturing plant. Each year, our production capacity reaches 50,000 tons of non-pressure pipes, available in various diameters and specifications.

In 2009, we successfully developed the proprietary biaxially orientated polyamide (BOPA) film production line. In 2013, our second in-house developed production line was put into use.

Our in-house developed lithium-ion battery separators have been extensively used in a variety of applications, including electric vehicle batteries, solar cells, mobile phone batteries, and high-charge rate batteries for power tools.

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