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Manufacturing and Testing of BOPA Film

    We introduce the BOPA film line and the Germany Leistritz film line and an line of 10, 12, 15, 25 and 30 μm single and double aureole processing. Custom made nylon film of 350mm-2000mm width are available for different demands. With an annual output of 30,000tons, Mingzhu becomes one of the largest BOPA film producers in the world.

    We clean the films with two water tanks on the pretreatment production line to make the extruder absorb more water and enhance the tensility of the film.

    The film is stretched on the machine with 220℃ temperature.

    150~170 meters film can be rolled per minute on the traction machine.

    CNC cutting system can cut the film to the requirement of customers and ensures high precision.

    We check our products with a series of equipment such as thickness measurement tester, friction coefficient tester, electrical tensile strength tester, drying box, smog content tester, tensile strength tester and moisture meter to guarantee standard physical performance of the BOPA film.

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