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Manufacturing and Testing of HDPE Pipes and Fittings
PE Raw Material

    Total, one of the four largest petrochemical engineering companies in the world as well as Borealis and Borouge are our suppliers of PE materials, which ensure quality PE pipes and fittings with longer service life.

PE Pipes Fitting Plant

    We have 19 PE pipe fitting lines among which is the 70meters long Battenfeld Cincinnati PE pressure pipe line with centralized monitoring system collecting process data on the line to the integrated control room. Each line designed with an Inoex gravimetric system, WALTHMACH thickness measuring system and Motan drying machine can have 50,000 tons annual output . The PE pipes are within diameter of dn20-dn1200 and can stand 0.6mp-1.6mp pressure.

    The line is equipped with laser marking machine

    Inspector checks the thickness, appearance, label and length of the pipe to ensure it is qualified.

    Pipes with blue line are water pipes and those with orange line are gas pipes.

PE Pipe Plant

    Our 18 injection molding machines are used for the processing of tee joint, cross joint, bending, 45°hot melting pipes and socket fittings of dn32-dn800 diameter and our annual capacity is 30 million tones. We have the industry’s biggest injection molding machine with max. clamp force of 20000 kn and max. shot weight of 41.965kg to process pipe fittings of large diameter in one operation.

    Manipulator is used to set hot melting pipe fitting molds in place.

    The injection molding machine with Japanese Kawata integrated feeding system can work automatically and needs only one person for operating.

    With 3000 several molds, we can make different PE pipes meeting different demands.

    This is the tee and 90°bending processed with injection molding technique.

    The company is managed with Japanese 6S standards. Our products are laid and fetched by the code on the shelves with high efficiency.

    Check the labels and appearance of all the injection mold products.
    Resistance monitor is used to check on the resistance and electrical wire of the electric melting pipe fittings.

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