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Li-Ion Battery Separator

    The micro-porous ionic conductive separator of polyolefin film is made with a uniaxial extrusion or biaxial extrusion process. It separates the anode from cathode and protects the Li-ion battery from short circuit.

Safety Performance
The multi-layer film without holes and impurities improves safety performance of the pipes. The heat and oxidation preventive film with high mechanical strength is especially used in high voltage area.
Well distributed film
With dry uniaxial extrusion process, the film is with well distributed pore of similar diameter. The multi-layer film with uniform thickness can enhance the recycle performance of Li-ion battery.
Air Permeability
The film with uniform and low-tortuosity pore structure can help the rate discharging of dynamic battery.

Our lithium-ion battery separators have been extensively used in a variety of applications, including electric vehicle batteries, solar cells, wind power, mobile phone batteries, PC and tablet, and high charge rate batteries used in electric tool and plane models.

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